The Art of Agriculture Harvest Festival

If you’d rather not walk around North Park and South Park this Saturday, but still have a hankering for companionship and local food, head over to Suzie’s Farm for The Art of Agriculture Harvest Festival. The event is being put on by the San Diego Roots Sustainable Project. There will be a potluck, live performances, a silent auction, and a raffle. For the kids, there will be arts and activities, and for everybody, farm tours starting at 2pm.

San Diego Roots is a really great organization promoting local food and farming. They are the organization that runs Victory Gardens San Diego, a program that creates food gardens for families in San Diego. They have also just started their own farm at Suzie’s Farm, which I think is great. You can volunteer to be involved in any of the Roots projects, if you’re interested.

Harvest Festival
October 2, 2010, 2pm-9pm
$20 suggested donation
[Facebook event page]
Suzie’s Farm
1856 Saturn Blvd.


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