Home Ec Studio

After some unbelievable carnitas tacos at MIHO today, the significant other and I walked through the set of new shops next door. The first thing I see is Home Ec Studio.

Awesome! Excuse the reflection of the glass. Inside are a couple of tables set with several sewing machines, and in the corner is another cabinet full of more machines.

On their big chalkboard, they have an announcement for the South Park Walkabout tomorrow. They will be having two 1-hour classes for $10. The classes will be at 6pm and a second at 7pm. “Machine sewing” and “hand embroidery” were written in big letters on the chalkboard, so I think those are the two subjects being covered. :P

Looking through their website, it looks like they have classes for both kids and adults. If you’re interested in sewing, I’d say this place is worth a look!

The shop has also been written up in the SD City Beat in an article by Clea (also co-owner of Blind Lady Ale House). Here’s the link for that, if you’re interested.

Home Ec Studio
2225 30th Street, South Park


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