I’ve been back in San Diego for about a week now and have been suffering from food poisoning.  (Damn you, plane food!)  Despite that nasty tidbit, it’s nice to be back to sunny and (relatively) warm weather, especially after dealing with Seattle weather! Brr.

But before I get into Seattle, I want to talk about the other cities I went to this past month and a half!

From October 4th through the 10th, I was in Chicago, visiting a high school friend.  He and I were both on the comedy improv team. He continued doing improv and comedy in general through college and now, and Chicago is apparently the place to do just that.  The first night I was there, he took me to a bar called Quencher’s, where he was performing improv.

Here’s the bar’s delightful bottled selection (I was also happy to see a bunch of San Diego breweries, including Green Flash on their list):

I need to say, I think everybody there, even the improv performers, were there more for the beer than the improv.

The next day I went to a Chicago staple, Hot Doug’s. The menu would have looked delicious if I weren’t hungover. Instead, I settled for the most normal hot dog I could. Here it is, next to two of my friend’s hot dogs:

So the normal hot dog came with tomatoes and a giant pickle, among other toppings. On any other day it would have been delicious, but not that day.

Alas, I never got a chance to return to Hot Doug’s NOT hungover. I think I would have loved the other ones.

My friend Greg also does a sketch comedy variety show called The Telethon that was amazingly fun to go to. They happen on the 2nd Saturday of the month at The Playground Theatre.

(Portland and Seattle blog posts coming soon!)


3 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Hot Doug’s is amazing go there not hungover sometime June. Hey and I will be back in SD over winter break want to hit up a few breweries?

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