It may be needless-to-say, but Portland, Oregon has an amazing craft beer scene. I made it a point to go into several while I was up there. (I’m sad that I didn’t get to go into Hopworks though. That space looked mighty fine!)

Here is Lucky Labrador Beer Hall, which was near my hostel:

The beer hall was in an old warehouse

I also made it to Rogue:

I got hungry and had some yummy chili.

And Deschutes, right down the street from Powell’s Books. Beer and books is a great combination!

Deschutes kegs connected to taps

Portland is also known for other things, like their rose garden:

I also went to the Portland Central Library, which may be a bore to some of you, but I thought it was great. Here’s a picture of one of the steps leading up to the second floor. The whole staircase was like this:

And I got my first taste of fall foliage, something I never see in San Diego:

I flew into Portland from Chicago and hopped from hostel to random couches for a week and a half. It was quite an experience!


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