Revenge of Print

Atomic Books, an online independent book/comic/zine store has issued a challenge to zinesters and aspiring zinesters:

We are challenging everyone who’s ever made/self-published a zine, a comic, or mini-comic before to dust off the ol’ photocopier and make at least one more new issue in 2011.

If you’ve never made a zine/comic/mini and have been thinking about it, we’re challenging you to make 2011 the year you do it.

I don’t make zines as often as I did in high school, but there’s always one slowly in the works. I finally put one together last year that came out to be a 42 page monstrosity about mental illness (which is free as long as you ask me for a copy). For me, writing and putting together a zine is cathartic and very, very personal, so it takes me a year or two to organize everything together.

I’m not sure when I’ll get around to compiling this next issue, but I’m very excited about this challenge. I have joined the Facebook group, and you should too!


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