International Rescue Committee and Bikes Del Pueblo

On February 13, Bikes Del Pueblo will be holding a “build-a-bike-a-thon” at 2754 Snowdrop St (Google Maps link). Their blog post says 1-4pm, but their Google Calendar event says 3-7pm, so I’m not sure when people should actually arrive. The bikes will be given to refugees in San Diego, who may not have the resources or money to get around the city with a car or public transit.

I just recently became interested in bikes and DIY bike repair.  And when I was in Portland and Seattle, there were so many bike co-ops and community resources, I was sure there had to be something in San Diego too, considering that we have places like Velo Cult and Adams Avenue Bikes.  

Alas, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be, but after some hunting, I came across Bikes Del Pueblo, a co-op which I believe is run out of someone’s home. BDP is at the City Heights Farmers Market every week, fixing bikes and teaching people how to fix bikes. I’ve yet to visit and check it out, but it sounds like a great way to help the community out.

Bikes Del Pueblo from Brian Hedden on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “International Rescue Committee and Bikes Del Pueblo

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