Blind Lady Ale House’s 2nd Anniversary!

Most of you guys know that I worked at Blind Lady. It was a really great experience where I gained two things: 1) a lot of knowledge about food and beer, and 2) a lot of weight!

Anyway, BLAH’s TWO-year anniversaty starts right NOW, today! And hoo boy, I’m so glad I’m not working this event, because it sounds like it’s going to be a madhouse! (It’s a good thing that they’ve expanded since their first year anniversary, too!)

Here are the events that are lined up:

  • TODAY, Wed 1/26: Open at 5pm. Russian River Consecration, Temptation, and Redemption on tap. And a sneak peek of the 2-year anniversary t-shirts! And Anniversary postcards.
  • Thurs 1/27: Open at 5pm. Official start of the anniversary week. Hangar 24 Flight! Plus, the first 155 people will receive a free BLAH/H24 Collaborative Anniversary Glass and will be able to get $2 fills of H24 Alt or Orange Wheat.
  • Fri 1/28: Open at 11:30am. Another 155-glass giveaway. You can also buy a glass for $5.
  • Sat 1/29: Open at 11:30am. Hangar 24 brewers and staff will be bringing a special cask in the morning. Then at 3pm, 200 BLAH Anniversary koozies will be given out with the sale of cans. (Several Avery, Maui, and Oscar Blues!)
  • Sun 1/30: Open at 11:30am. Automatic Brewing Release Party. Then at 3pm, there’ll be a Jolly Pumpkin Flight.

Blind Lady Ale House
@ 3416 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 255-2491


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