Free demos at South Sun Beads

While I was eating some soft serve yogurt at Romi’s on Adams Avenue, I found a flyer advertising free beading demonstrations at South Sun Beads.

The demonstrations are 2 hours each and free, and there are complimentary snacks. To make money, they sell the demo kits in-store. It looks like they only 4 different projects, each demoed at different days and times.

It looks like they also hold wire-working, beading, and other jewelry-making classes, if anybody is interested.

South Sun Beads
@ 8601 Aero Drive

(Click to read this week’s schedule.)

Thursday, 2/3

  • 11am – Slider Necklace & Earring
  • 2pm – Gizmo Coil Earrings
  • 5pm – Valentine Bracelet

Friday, 2/4

  • 11am – Spiral Earrings
  • 2pm – Valentine Bracelet
  • 5pm – Gizmo Coil Earrings

Saturday, 2/5

  • 11am – Gizmo Coil Earrings
  • 2pm – Slider Necklace & Earrings
  • 5pm – Spiral Earrings

Sunday, 2/6

  • 1pm – Valentine Bracelet
  • 3pm – Gizmo Coil Earrings

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