San Diego Food Trucks

I’m really digging whoever runs the San Diego Food Trucks page on Facebook.  So far, it seems like a really great place to keep up-to-date on what food trucks are roaming around our city.  They also link to cool articles, like this one, on How to Start a Mobile Food Truck, which has a list of things a new entrepreneur will have to keep track of when starting up.

9. Use of Social Media. The advent of social media has allowed food trucks to interact with their customers, seek their immediate feedback and keep them updated about the business. Many food truck owners use social media to broadcast their daily specials and locations to their customers, making it easy for their followers (repeat and loyal customers) to find their trucks in the city. T witter and Facebook, the most commonly used social media tools, have allowed truck entrepreneurs to pick and move where customers are located. Other truck owners announce their scheduled location and itinerary ahead, with some with their own websites putting a calendar of their locations on their websites in order for their customers to find them where they are. The most successful food trucks are those who are savviest in using social media, and their ability to build buzz using this medium.

This article will probably be useful for any kind of mobile service too. Maybe a mobile bike repair shop can put up their calendar of where they will be setting up shop each day of the week.

Anyway, just posting a random thought while I skip my only class today. <_<


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