First pics on the Nikon FM2

I’ve only been in possession of my dad’s Nikon FM2 for about a month, and I already have 6 rolls of film to deal with.  I developed the first two at CVS and am currently awaiting the last 4 from George’s Camera in North Park. I believe the prices are comparable; needless to say, I will be sticking with George’s Camera. I prefer local over gross pharmacy/convenience store any day, especially if the gross store is gonna be the same price. >:|

My first two rolls turned out pretty shitty, but I got a few good shots, I think!  I scanned and posted the “artsy” ones on my Flickr account and the friends/party shots on Facebook (sorry, non-FB friends).

The pictures on Flickr are from two spots. The first was at my parents’ house in Valley Center, CA. My dad is a landscape designer, specializing in Japanese gardens and mosaic stonework.

Plant and stone

The second spot is an area that I found at the very end of Ivy St in the South Park neighborhood. The trail winds around the golf course and goes into the canyon.


There are more on Flickr.

I’m super excited to have picked up another hobby, not that I needed another thing sucking my money away…!


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