SERIOUSLY, do not park in this lot!

Here are some of my photos from my last two rolls of film.  This time, instead of going to George’s Camera, I used  As a first time user, I got the first roll developed for free, and they scan in the pictures for you at no extra cost.  Not a bad deal. However, I did have to do white balance correction in every single photo. Is that my fault or the scanner’s fault? (Probably mine. :P)

I have been working again at Blind Lady Ale House. I decided to take the camera in and take some pictures.

Lighting is not so great for photography in the kitchen, but I think I captured the spirit of the Back of the House in this picture:


And the Front of the House:

That segues into this awesome sign I found in South Park. I wish I could go lobster hunting in the canyon, but this sign forbids me!

My favorite color, creeping along a South Park sidewalk:

As always, more at my flickr account.


2 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY, do not park in this lot!

  1. Cool stuff June. I kind of hate Snapfish. I don’t get the point of it when flickr, photobucket, etc. are free but nice pics of Blind Lady. I really need to come in sometime!

    • Well, Flickr and Photobucket don’t develop my negatives for me, so that is why I went with Snapfish! Plus, if I go to CVS or George’s Camera, they charge extra for scanning in the pictures. Snapfish is a really cheap alternative, which is great for me as a beginner.

      And YES, come in already! I work there every Sunday, now, 4:30-10!

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