If you’re looking for cheap photo developing and re-prints, Snapfish is the way to go.  It’s $4.98 per roll to develop, which is less than half the price of CVS or George’s Camera.  The price includes shipping and handling, negative processing, scanning and uploading of low-res versions to their website, and 4×6 prints.

The price is even sweeter when your 1st roll is absolutely free.  And Snapfish also gives away your first 20 digital prints free.

Another perk to Snapfish is their Flickr integration.  I love the community aspect of Flickr, and I love being able to easily share the photos I have on Flickr to anywhere (here, Facebook, or Twitter).  With Snapfish integration, you can upload any Flickr photo into Snapfish to order them as prints.

However, I think after these perks run out, I will continue going back to George’s Camera, for a few reasons.  First, it’s always better to support a local business than an Internet subsidiary of a giant corporation (in this case: HP).  Second, you know the people at George’s are handling your negatives and photos right.  Third, the turnaround time is MUCH faster when you get your photos processed locally, and you’re saving gas and time when you stay local also!  To send and receive your negatives and prints, it takes 2-3 days for your film to get to Snapfish, another day or two for them to process and upload, and then a week for your prints and negatives to be returned to you.  Even the local CVS has a one-day turnaround.

Do I recommend  Eh.  If you’re cheap, don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, and still have all the free sign-up perks from them, use them while you can.  But if you have a local, quality place to support, go there!

Half of magenta




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