BLAH employees

Have I mentioned that I like working at Blind Lady Ale House? They have cool employees that let me take pictures of them while I’m drunk, with a blinding flash on my F3. (And for the record, I was not drunk while working, just drunk at work, for Monday Movie with MIHO!)

Sayer will probably hate me for posting this picture, but that’s okay, everybody needs enemies!
Sayer is the lovely, patient woman who created, which you should visit if you haven’t yet.

Jeff grabbed me tips while Jesse pretended to work.
Jesse and Jeff

I’ve decided that I don’t like taking portraits with the 20mm lens. This might seem like a “duh” thing to most photographers, but I just realized it, ha. I’m looking forward to trying flash photography with my 50mm lens instead.

As always, more at my Flickr photostream.


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