Happening This Week (June 20-26, 2011)

  • Monday, 6/20, 7-11pm: CityBeat Beer Club’s 3 year anniversary beer tasting will be held at Blind Lady Ale House. Tickets are $35.
  • Tuesday, 6/21, 6pm-12am: Summer solstice celebration at El Take It Easy with punchbowls, sparkling mead ($6), and their signature Palomas (also $6).
  • Wednesday, 6/22, 4-9pm: Stone Brewery will be bringing special beer on tap to Whistle Stop, along with merch, special guests, DJs and more, for their store opening. Stone people will be appearing in various South Park locations also to talk about their beer, and there will be a sort of Stone bottled beer scavenger hunt around the neighborhood.

    click to enlarge

  • Wednesday, 6/22, 5-8pm: MIHO’s HOMI hour at a new location: Tin Can Ale House! $1 off drinks or food and live music.
  • Wednesday, 6/22, 6pm: Salsa Sushi returns to Sea Rocket Bistro with a seasonal Octopus sushi roll, along with other rolls, for only $6. And then at 9pm, there is a free salsa lesson! Whoa.
  • Saturday, 6/25, 4pm: Open planning meeting at Wild Willow Farm for the future, including designing the kitchen, the fall festival, and upcoming workshops and internships.
  • Saturday, 6/25, 5-8pm: End of the Month MIHO Happy Hour at Whistle Stop.
  • Sunday, 6/26, 11am-3pm: Blind Lady Ale House will be hosting a fundraiser for Project Wildlife. 20% of proceeds will go directly to Project Wildlife.

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