Neighborhood in Downtown, San Diego

I have been to Neighborhood before, but it’s been a couple of years. Their food menu selection seems to have expanded, including a couple of non-burger options, which is what my friends and I opted for.

My friends both got the pulled pork belly sandwich, which came with a gigantic pickle and a side of chips. The pork itself was juicy and tender, cooked perfectly. I was definitely jealous after a couple of bites.


In my head, I wanted something that would not be messy like a burger or pulled pork sandwich, so I ordered the grilled shrimp wrap instead. They came out huge:


And it was also a huge disappointment. They were too big and too sloppily wrapped to hold together, and they fell apart instantly. BUT the shrimp was cooked well, although there were only about 2-3 pieces per roll, completely subsumed by the massive amount of veggies. And the mango sauce? Oh my God. Amazing. It paired very well with the shrimp and mango bits.

Next time, I’ll get a burger, like they’re known for, or the amazingly juicy pulled pork belly sandwich.

They also have a good selection of craft beer, including one on cask.


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