I apologize for the unplanned and unannounced hiatus of this blog.

I’ve had a busy few months; I’ve made a few life changes, one of which is moving out of South Park and moving into a one bedroom in Normal Heights.  This is my first time living alone, and it’s awesome.  My own furniture!  My own kitchen supplies!  My stuff!  My own mess to clean up!

I am still juggling both jobs, thanks to the patience of both employers and managers for dealing with my schedule.  I have also started a B&W Photography class at City College, where I am learning how to process my own film and print my own photos.  So far, the class has been very rewarding, though I don’t have much time to take photos!

In blog news, I have a couple of restaurant reviews in the “Draft” stage from months ago that I need to put up still, so look for those in the upcoming weeks.  I’m not sure if I want to continue with the “Happening This Week” entries, but I’ll give it another shot for a little while, I think.

Again, I’m sorry about being gone for so long.  Hopefully, now that I’m a little more settled in, this can get back into gear!


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