Yu Me Ya in Hillcrest

Yu Me Ya closed in 2013.

This is a post I wrote in June, after my birthday.  I had anticipated adding some photos, but none from the meal were really about the food, so I’m posting this without the pics.

I celebrated my birthday on Monday with a delicious dinner at Yu Me Ya (Yelp page here), located on 4th and University in Hillcrest. The reservation was at 7pm, which meant we just missed their happy hour specials (from 5-7pm), so if you ever want to try out some of their delicious tapas, check them out during Happy Hour!

We had a LOT of food. My favorite dishes were the carpaccio and the baked scallops & shimeji mushrooms. For the carpaccio, they used fried wonton cups and layered avocado and spicy tuna inside it. I hate spicy things, but I loved this dish; the spiciness was very mild. The baked scallops & mushrooms were mostly mushrooms, but my god, I love mushrooms, so I’m totally okay with that. It was creamy but not ridiculously so, which my lactose-intolerant stomach thanks Yu Me Ya for.

The tapas ranged from $3 to $7. They also served big bowls of udon and ochazuke for about $8-9, although I can’t recall the exact price. (Ochazuke is a bowl of rice, random toppings, topped with hot green tea, to make a sort of rice-green tea soup.) I was not impressed with either.

The food bill got up there, especially for 9 people, so be careful ordering. The tapas might be small, but they do fill you up! Order in waves, so you don’t over-eat!


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