pillowconfiguration – Facing

“Brooding” is the first word that comes to mind when listening to this moody song. The acoustic guitar jerks itself around. Each interruption builds on another. Then her voice joins in. It’s emotional, at times cracking. She and her guitar take turns arguing with each other. Sometimes they even try to out-yell each other, but they are arguing the same point: an incredible sense of loss, of dealing with death and not knowing that they both grieve.

The lyrics convey this loss well. She looks around, she rummages through her memories desperately, but the things she sees and remembers are a far cry from the real thing. “an empty chair. an empty room. is this all i have left of you?”

The picture accompanying the song gives a glimpse into the past.

This song is a testament to how many great musicians and songwriters there are out there, hidden away. There is absolutely no information or links on her Soundcloud page. The page is a portal into something too personal to share with the world, yet it lies there, waiting to be found. A message sent to her account went unanswered. I wish I could speak with her.

EDIT: I’ve since talked to pillowconfiguration!  In addition to her SoundCloud, she has a YouTube channel that I’ve subscribed to.  About my writeup, she replied:

that would be me, thank you so much for the review, it is so spot on it brings tears to my eyes

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