Bulletins – “Can’t Stop” and “Is Love”

At their show in November at the Soda Bar, San Diego-based Bulletins celebrated the release of two singles, available for download through their BandCamp page.

Bass and vocals feature prominently at the start of both songs, although both are joined by the guitar and synth soon after, both instruments showing off a playfulness that accents all of Bulletins’ songs.

My favorite part of “Can’t Stop” is right at the beginning, when Lorelei croons, “I can’t stop wishing it’s not true, it’s not yo-o-o—o-ou,” which sets the theme for the rest of the melody, with more ascending and descending croons coming back over and over throughout the song.

Guitar and synth take more prominent roles in “Is Love” compared to “Can’t Stop.” The lyrics are sweet, describing attempts to fight falling in love. The vocals are dreamy, more poppy. Their pop rock roots come out around 2:30, with the guitar distorted before taking a step back behind the synth and vocals.

The singles show off their sound their very well. Paired with their previously released demos, I anticipate their forthcoming album to be a great listen, with their alternative pop rock sensibilities. The two singles are already in my regular rotation.


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