Kera and the Lesbians – “Gypsy Song”

Originally based out of San Diego, Kera and the Lesbians moved to Los Angeles and have since been picking up residencies there. But not afraid of the studio, they released their latest single, “Gypsy Song,” this November.

The song starts with muted horns before the mellow (for Kera) vocals enter, which are punctuated by the guitar, before it builds up to what I consider to be the standard in her music: funky, syncopated guitars and a vocal prowess to be jealous of. Kera’s vocals are what hooked me to her music in the first place. At times straining in volume, her voice is passionate and her emotions ripping out of her throat. Their new single demonstrates this just as well as when I first saw them years ago. As the song continues to its end, the reverb on the guitar is reminiscent of surf rock. In whole, “Gypsy Song” is fun to listen to and has all the qualities that I admire in Kera and the Lesbians.

They will be returning to San Diego to play at Soda Bar on December 15th with Northern Tigers and Bleached. I’m looking forward to it!

You can check out an older single here: “Nailbiter” on BandCamp.


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