Please help me find someone to interview who is involved in a lending circle

A lending circle, also known as a ROSCA, tanda, cundina, or tanamoshi, is an informal financial system that excludes banks. Generally, several people promise to put in a certain amount at regular intervals (say, $100 every month). Then, each month, one person from the group receives that whole pot. So if there were 10 people in your group, you would receive $1000 one month, including your own $100. Then next month, the next person in line receives $1000. The circle ends once everybody gets their turn receiving the $100.

It’s based on trust and a strong sense of community. The community aspect is what really caught my attention, and I’d really love to talk to someone or several someones about their lending circle, what it’s helped them or their community achieve, etc. for an article I’d like to write for an online magazine.

So please, if you’ve been involved in or are involved in a lending circle, please contact me! You can call or text me at my Google Voice #: (619) 786-4796 or email me:

Either way, could you please re-blog, link to, share this post? I would really appreciate a signal boost!

Thank you so much guys!


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