Happening This Week (February 7-13, 2011)

  • Wednesday, 2/9, 7:30-10pm: Free writer workshop with the theme of “Too Much Information” (to fit March’s VAMP theme).
  • Wednesday, 2/9, 9pm: Queer Dance Party at U-31 on University Ave. A safe space, dancing, Rubber Rose gear, zines, and a kissing booth.
  • Thursday, 2/10, 6-10pm: North Park Craft Mafia will be holding a craft bazaar at El Take It Easy. There will be free Tosti-Locos and happy hour all night. Here’s the vendor list.
  • Saturday, 2/12, 2pm: El Take It Easy will be showing a food-related movie as part of their free series of movies, shown every Saturday at ETIE. To get an idea what they mean by “food-related”, the first movie was the Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green. UPDATE: This week’s movies will be: Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe and Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers.
  • Sunday, 2/13, 1-4pm: Bikes Del Pueblo needs volunteers to help them build bicycles, in conjunction with the International Rescue Mission.

Other tidbits:


Sunday, Crafty Sunday Reminder

Just a reminder that Sunday, Crafty Sunday is coming up this Sunday at Queen’s Bee Art and Culture Center. If you have time (perhaps after the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market?), you should go! It’s a craft show with a bunch of local San Diego creative-types.

Sunday, Crafty Sunday
October 17, 2010
@ Queen Bee’s Art and Culture Center
3925 Ohio Street (between Lincoln and University Ave.)

Handmade Revolution Trunk Show

Not sure what to do this Saturday?

Head to South Park tomorrow for Handmade Revolution’s fall trunk show! The event will be held at Make Good from 11am to 4pm, which is plenty of time to attend AND walk around the rest of the neighborhood. (Make Good is surrounded by other cute boutiques, too.) There will be handmade wares sold, along with “some tasty treats”, according to the Make Good blog. Mmm, sounds like a good deal to me!

From their website: “The Handmade Revolution is a collection of artists, creatives and designers who gather to create and inspire one another.”

Make Good is a great little store/boutique of upcycled items, including artwork, jewelry, letterpressed cards, and more, all from different San Diego artists and crafty-types.

The Handmade Revolution Fall Trunk Show
Saturday, September 18, 2010
11am to 4pm

@ Make Good
2207 Fern Street in South Park

Sunday, Crafty Sunday

On October 17, 2010 from 1pm to 6pm, vendors will be showing and selling their crafts and wares during “Sunday, Crafty Sunday”, an event put on by the North Park Craft Mafia. The event is free!

I’m not even sure I’ll be able to go, since I will be traveling. Mid-October is a weird, travel-limbo for me. I’m currently waiting for a replacement passport, so depending on when that gets to me, I may or may not be out of the country.

The San Diego North Park Craft Mafia is a group of crafty business owners in San Diego. They also hold monthly craft nights where creative-types can come and enjoy each other’s company. The first Craft Mafia was formed in Austin, TX and has spread to 29 other cities in the U.S. There is also another craft mafia in San Diego county, all the way up in Oceanside.

Also coming soon from the NPCM is the 4th Annual Holiday Hit List on December 5, 2010.

Sunday, Crafty Sunday
October 17, 2010
@ Queen Bee’s Art and Culture Center
3925 Ohio Street (between Lincoln and University Ave.)

Oceanside Craft Mafia