Mid-March Writing Madness: My busiest month yet!

Oof, my weekly “What’s Happening?” posts are going in spurts and sputters, but hopefully I’ll be more consistent in the future. I’d appreciate any help from all 3 of you readers. If you have any venues, websites, or events you’d like me to check out, please send them my way! You can email me at info@jlowatari.com or even leave a comment here.

March has been a particularly busy month of publications for me. ::party balloons fall from the ceiling::

Kermit flails his arms excitedly

I’m very proud of myself this month, and I hope for more and even busier months as my freelance career continues. Without further ado, here are some of my articles and blog posts you can check out!

Edible San Diego

I have not one… but TWO articles in the March/April issue of Edible San Diego. Okay, okay, one of them is a short book review, so maybe it doesn’t count, but I’m excited regardless! The other is an interview I did with date farmer Andrea Hankins, who’s supported the industry and other farmers through her hard work.

You can pick up issues in local restaurants or flip through online.

PASTE Magazine

I’ve been sending in articles once a week to the Drink section of PASTE Magazine. Originally, I started reading the blog for its music section, but one day I strolled to the Drink section and was amazed at the lack of beer material! Though I will admit that I enjoyed reading about the bars highlighted in the Craft Beer Guide to San Diego, so I was inspired to hit up the editor with a few ideas.

And my Beginner’s Guide series was born, starting with the Beginner’s Guide to Craft Beer. I followed that with an interview with two BJCP judges to help give tips to newbies about tasting beer, and have been sending articles going more in-depth into each style. So far, Belgians and porters/stouts have been published, but keep an eye out for sours, lagers, and wheats!

PeriodView Blog

This one is fun, low-stress, and pretty interesting too! I always thought that I was fairly knowledgeable about women’s issues, including reproductive health, but as I’ve researched, what I’ve most learned is that I only have a very basic knowledge. Hopefully I can impart some of new knowledge to you in easy-to-read, digestible chunks.

My first post started off with my menstrual love… menstrual cups! I also talk about yoga and simple stretches to relieve menstrual cramps and tenseness at home or at your office/classroom desk.

I have a few others coming up that you’ll find listed once they’re up.

San Diego Jewish Journal

I met the editor-in-chief Natalie at Show & Tell, a very irregular meetup for creative professionals (or aspiring creative professionals) who are stuck in their home office or studio (or wherever) all day. She encouraged me to send her some pitches. You can see the first of those pitches here, an article about recording engineer and music community builder Roy Silverstein.

Next month, you’ll find an article on Jonathan Eig, author of The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution (<– Amazon Affiliates link). He’s an honest-to-god “real” writer and I was pretty much hyperventilating for the 30 minutes leading up to the phone interview. What if he thinks I’m a crock? I got through the interview okay, and hopefully the article isn’t a complete mess and he doesn’t hate me, but you know, whatever. I’m cool. I’m chill. ::breathes heavily for 20 minutes thinking about it::

What’s to Come

I already have a couple of upcoming assignments for Edible, San Diego Jewish Journal, and another big one that I’m crossing my fingers for. I will also continue writing for the PeriodView blog and would love to continue my relationship with PASTE Magazine. So who knows, maybe I’ll have another cool update in April?

After all my excitement, I leave you with a heartwarming yet sad video of a dog that made me cry for a half hour.