Mindfulness meditation, or how I learned to be an adult

unfocused flowers

A hazy afternoon

“Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that -– thoughts.” – Allan Lokos

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I’ve recently been practicing mindfulness meditation, a form of Buddhist meditation that has branched out into secular practice. There seems to be no end in scientific research and articles done on the benefits of mindfulness, and it — along with other forms of meditation — has been used extensively to treat mental illnesses like PTSD and depression. As someone who shies away from religion, ceremony, and spirituality, the emerging secular language used to describe meditation comforts me.

In this blog post, I’d like to expound on my experience with mindfulness and how the routine has given me valuable skills in combating depressive thoughts.

I’ve divided the post into three sections:

  • why I started mindfulness and a brief history on my illness
  • the basics of mindfulness and how I interpret it
  • the difficulties of starting and maintaining the practice.

Finally, I’ve listed all the books, websites, and apps that I reference.

The article is approximately 1100 words. Click through to read the rest! Continue reading