Balboa Park

Along with Blind Lady Ale House, I am employed at Lady Carolyn’s Pub at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park. I do food prep, wash dishes, and serve customers food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). I keep taking my camera to work but have yet to walk around the park to take pictures, but I did get to snap a few shots before a shift once.

This is the view from the plaza in front of the pub:



I need to learn to do some post-processing in the GIMP so I can bring down those highlights a little, but hey, not bad for a beginner, right?

On an unrelated note, I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday and had a wonderful dinner at Yu Me Ya, a new restaurant on 4th and University in Hillcrest. I will write up more later, when I get my pictures developed!

BLAH employees

Have I mentioned that I like working at Blind Lady Ale House? They have cool employees that let me take pictures of them while I’m drunk, with a blinding flash on my F3. (And for the record, I was not drunk while working, just drunk at work, for Monday Movie with MIHO!)

Sayer will probably hate me for posting this picture, but that’s okay, everybody needs enemies!
Sayer is the lovely, patient woman who created, which you should visit if you haven’t yet.

Jeff grabbed me tips while Jesse pretended to work.
Jesse and Jeff

I’ve decided that I don’t like taking portraits with the 20mm lens. This might seem like a “duh” thing to most photographers, but I just realized it, ha. I’m looking forward to trying flash photography with my 50mm lens instead.

As always, more at my Flickr photostream.

Learning the 20mm

Things not to do with a 20mm lens:
Take a picture of something small because you will have to get really close (as in: inches)
Palm leaf

Things to do with a 20mm lens:
Take a crowd shot

Take a picture of the 805, the hills, and the horizon

Like always, more at my Flickr account, which is going to reach 200 photos soon. On a free account, that means anything older than the latest 200 photos will not be accessible by anybody. POOP. Thinking of upgrading soon, or hosting a web gallery on (a maybe-defunct domain of mine).

MIHO, Mission Brewing, and the Golden Hill Farmers Market

I took my Nikon F3 out and about with the 50mm lens. Goddamn, this lens is awesome for indoor light (as long as it’s sunny outside, I suppose). I took some shots inside Mission Brewing that I thought came out very well.


MIHO quote

The week before, MIHO had a fucking delicious tofu lettuce wrap. About $8 for a gigantic portion of marinated tofu, green tea rice, lettuce, veggie medley.  The 50mm prime lens has such a shallow depth of field.  Amazing.

MIHO tofu wrap

I also walked down to the Golden Hill Farmers Market while I was sick. It wasn’t the greatest idea, but mmm, look at the delicious food.


I want to eat everything in this picture:

Like always, more at my Flickr account.


I love dogs.

I took pictures of dogs.

This lazy one is Chai.

This other lazy one is Sequoia.
Squinty Sequoia

I found this dog at the Grape Street dog park in South Park. I still have no idea if the poor woof found its owner.
Waiting dog

I have more photos posted on my Flickr, from South Park and Valley Center.

I don’t know if I’m becoming a lazier editor or what, but I’m liking more of my pictures per film roll than I did before. If it’s not my laziness as an editor, then it’s my improvement as a photographer. I’d like to think it’s the latter, but who knows. ;)

Coming later will be shots from the Golden Hill Farmers’ Market and the Mission Brewing tasting room, taken with my Nikon F3 and a 50mm prime lens. review

If you’re looking for cheap photo developing and re-prints, Snapfish is the way to go.  It’s $4.98 per roll to develop, which is less than half the price of CVS or George’s Camera.  The price includes shipping and handling, negative processing, scanning and uploading of low-res versions to their website, and 4×6 prints.

The price is even sweeter when your 1st roll is absolutely free.  And Snapfish also gives away your first 20 digital prints free.

Another perk to Snapfish is their Flickr integration.  I love the community aspect of Flickr, and I love being able to easily share the photos I have on Flickr to anywhere (here, Facebook, or Twitter).  With Snapfish integration, you can upload any Flickr photo into Snapfish to order them as prints.

However, I think after these perks run out, I will continue going back to George’s Camera, for a few reasons.  First, it’s always better to support a local business than an Internet subsidiary of a giant corporation (in this case: HP).  Second, you know the people at George’s are handling your negatives and photos right.  Third, the turnaround time is MUCH faster when you get your photos processed locally, and you’re saving gas and time when you stay local also!  To send and receive your negatives and prints, it takes 2-3 days for your film to get to Snapfish, another day or two for them to process and upload, and then a week for your prints and negatives to be returned to you.  Even the local CVS has a one-day turnaround.

Do I recommend  Eh.  If you’re cheap, don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks, and still have all the free sign-up perks from them, use them while you can.  But if you have a local, quality place to support, go there!

Half of magenta

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SERIOUSLY, do not park in this lot!

Here are some of my photos from my last two rolls of film.  This time, instead of going to George’s Camera, I used  As a first time user, I got the first roll developed for free, and they scan in the pictures for you at no extra cost.  Not a bad deal. However, I did have to do white balance correction in every single photo. Is that my fault or the scanner’s fault? (Probably mine. :P)

I have been working again at Blind Lady Ale House. I decided to take the camera in and take some pictures.

Lighting is not so great for photography in the kitchen, but I think I captured the spirit of the Back of the House in this picture:


And the Front of the House:

That segues into this awesome sign I found in South Park. I wish I could go lobster hunting in the canyon, but this sign forbids me!

My favorite color, creeping along a South Park sidewalk:

As always, more at my flickr account.

Going photo crazy

I was miffed earlier when someone said I looked like a Japanese tourist, with my Nikon FM2 and zoom lens strapped around myself, while I wandered around downtown.  What, and these white people carrying around cameras don’t look like tourists?

I have pretty much been carrying my camera around with me everywhere, so I apologize that my last few posts have been about my pictures.  I doubt that will stop any time soon, especially since my dad just told me he was going to lend me some more equipment!

Anyway, I just uploaded some more pictures onto my flickr account.

Here is one nature shot and one portrait of my favorite person, who is camera-shy:


More on my flickr. Enjoy!

Anza Borrego Coyote Canyon

I went hiking with my dad’s hiking group to Coyote Canyon in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. It was warm at 73 degrees, but the breeze helped cool us down considerably. Without it, I think I would have been worse off.

The hiking group is rather large, with a diverse range of ages, starting from an adorable toddler to a grandmother. As I told Brian, the hike was more a leisurely stroll rather than vigorous physical activity, though I was very beat afterwards! I’m glad Brian drove; I fell asleep multiple times.

As we strolled, we snapped some pictures. Brian posted the pictures from his digital camera on his blog already.

I took pictures too, with a manual film Nikon FM2 SLR that my dad is lending me.  I got through 2 1/2 rolls of film before we left.  Only 16 photos came out all right.

This one is actually from the drive. I believe we were still on the 78. I really like the dreamy, faded quality of the photo.
Fog and clouds

A tiny waterfall in the stream we hiked by:
Tiny waterfall

Aforementioned stream:

First pics on the Nikon FM2

I’ve only been in possession of my dad’s Nikon FM2 for about a month, and I already have 6 rolls of film to deal with.  I developed the first two at CVS and am currently awaiting the last 4 from George’s Camera in North Park. I believe the prices are comparable; needless to say, I will be sticking with George’s Camera. I prefer local over gross pharmacy/convenience store any day, especially if the gross store is gonna be the same price. >:|

My first two rolls turned out pretty shitty, but I got a few good shots, I think!  I scanned and posted the “artsy” ones on my Flickr account and the friends/party shots on Facebook (sorry, non-FB friends).

The pictures on Flickr are from two spots. The first was at my parents’ house in Valley Center, CA. My dad is a landscape designer, specializing in Japanese gardens and mosaic stonework.

Plant and stone

The second spot is an area that I found at the very end of Ivy St in the South Park neighborhood. The trail winds around the golf course and goes into the canyon.


There are more on Flickr.

I’m super excited to have picked up another hobby, not that I needed another thing sucking my money away…!