Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go needs money

What is GZAGG?
Grrrl Zines-A-Go-Go was started in 2002 by a small group of women to organize zine workshops and events. In the past, they’ve held zine picnics in Balboa Park, and more recently, they have set up a zine reading room at Lou’s Records in Encinitas, where people could browse zines. They also hold workshops at local schools and libraries around California.

What is ChipIn?
ChipIn is a website widget that lets organizations collect money, safely and securely. All contributions go directly to the organization’s PayPal account.

What is the event?
GZAGG needs $2000 by August to get themselves across the country to the New England Womens’ Herbal Conference, where they will be teaching about independent media and self-publishing. They will also learn about native plant harvesting, women’s health care, and natural medicine, to bring back to San Diego. (I’m a little wary of this “natural medicine”, but eh, the other stuff is great!)

The funds will be used for travel expenses, paying for accommodations, and other supplies.

Why should you chip in?
They are a tiny organization, run by people who are passionate about empowering others to create a voice for themselves through independent publishing.

Being unemployed, I could only afford to donate $10. I know a lot of people are in the same situation, but every little bit counts. Do you have an extra few cents in your PayPal account lying around? Why not donate it to a good cause?

Here is a selfish reason: The first 20 people who contribute $20 or more will receive a limited edition zine!

Where can you donate?
I’m glad you asked. Clicking on this link will take you to GZAGG’s ChipIn page, where you can donate, check their fundraising status, and get some news from the people running Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go.

Revenge of Print

Atomic Books, an online independent book/comic/zine store has issued a challenge to zinesters and aspiring zinesters:

We are challenging everyone who’s ever made/self-published a zine, a comic, or mini-comic before to dust off the ol’ photocopier and make at least one more new issue in 2011.

If you’ve never made a zine/comic/mini and have been thinking about it, we’re challenging you to make 2011 the year you do it.

I don’t make zines as often as I did in high school, but there’s always one slowly in the works. I finally put one together last year that came out to be a 42 page monstrosity about mental illness (which is free as long as you ask me for a copy). For me, writing and putting together a zine is cathartic and very, very personal, so it takes me a year or two to organize everything together.

I’m not sure when I’ll get around to compiling this next issue, but I’m very excited about this challenge. I have joined the Facebook group, and you should too!

Happening This Week (October 4-10, 2010)

October means it’s time for Oktoberfest!

  • Monday, 10/4: Chef Bands 2010, presented by Voyeur, benefiting Center for Community Solutions. 8pm-12am, $10 at the door. 755 Fifth Ave.
  • Thursday, 10/7: Dinner with 6 Strangers at Alchemy, from 7pm-9pm. Three-course, family-style meal,  $48/per individual
  • Saturday, 10/9: Oktoberfest at Hamilton’s, Small Bar, and Eleven.  There will be a Cool Bus touring the three bars from 3pm-8pm.  More info at Hamilton’s event page.
  • Saturday & Sunday, 10/9-10/10: Oktoberfest at BLAH (BLAHktoberfest!).  Re-fillable Blind Lady steins to be bought for $18 (that INCLUDES an Oktoberfest beer inside it), with subsequent refills costing $7, all weekend long.  Last year, you could also bring your own stein for the refill price.  I’m assuming it’s the same this year.  Different from last year: German-style food on special by Chef Aaron.
  • Saturday, 10/10: Grrl Zines A Go Go will have a Portable Zine Reading Room at Lou’s Records in Encinitas, CA, from 11am-2pm. Check out some zines and then music!